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It's Time To Dominate Organic Search

PPC IS NOT the answer.

There are some truths everyone is having to face in marketing today. And the number one truth is that your PPC dollars are not returning enough ROI.

PPC gets more expensive over time. You have to bid more and more to get results. And it will return less and less. That’s just how the system is designed.

But do you know what doesn’t do that?

True SEO.

Properly spent SEO dollars actually lower your cost over time, while constantly increasing ROI.

Avoid the PPC trap. Call us to talk about moving your PPC dollars to SEO dollars, and get the ROI you need.

Your site architecture is probably wrong

A second marketing truth is that most websites are not built to dominate SEO. In fact, most websites are basically invisible to SEO traffic.

Yes. You might be invisible to organic search engines.

And retrofitting your site architecture doesn’t work. It has to be pristine from the first line of code to the last.

If you properly SEO 20,000 pages of content, you will be highly visible to search, and return thousands of dollars by capturing organic search.

Information Overwhelms Business.

A third truth of modern marketing is that you are always building messages from a massive, unorganized pile of information, and you don’t know how or what to harvest.

Modern businesses generate so much information about themselves and their products, that they require highly sophisticated systems to organize that information and keep it useful.

500 Rockets has developed a proprietary pipeline system for wrangling even the most technical information, so that it is one of your most usable, valuable assets.

Quality is king

For a long time, people saw SEO as a quantity-play only. To float to the top of search results, just write more than anyone else. And, yes, in SEO land, this works. But in quality relationships with customers, it fails miserably.

We are not a low-quality content farm. We are a high quality living library of great articles than answer important questions that your prime targets need to know.

Take a look at what we mean by our mantra: “High Quality.”

Aligned to Question






Connected to Related Topics

Properly Categorized

Included Variations

quantity is also king

Yes, our solution has two kings -- high quality, and high quantity.

To dominate organic search, you have to answer every question your targets ask.

How can you possibly do that?

By letting our pipeline system build and publish 100+ articles for you every month.

In ten months you will have a living library of over 1,000 prime pieces of content that offer value to your target audience, and glow like fire to search engine spiders.

Relationship marketing is now the air you breathe

The final truth about modern marketing is that ultimately, it isn’t about messaging at all. It’s about messages that create positive, authentic relationships. No one buys from strangers anymore. We vet every company, and every product, online, before we buy.

Which means we make judgements about those companies. Are you trustworthy? Solid? The premiere experts and producers in this space?

The answer to those questions is found not in the advertising claims you put forth, but in the quality of content you provide your target audience. If you are the authority source, you become the leading supplier of goods and services in that authority area.

We trust companies that give us great content.

Our 7-Step Strategy

7-step Strategy of relationship marketing through organic search

  1. Learn what is being searched
  2. Build info library to supply answers
  3. Place library on a branded location
  4. Build active Userbase
  5. Build strong Fanbase
  6. Build positive Buyerbase
  7. Maintain Relationships over time

Conclusion: So what now?

What can you do with all this truth? If you accept our premises, that SEO dollars are far more valuable than PPC dollars, that bad site architecture can kill your SEO, that information has to well-wrangled or it clogs everything, that high quality and high quantity are the kings of modern marketing, and that authentic relationships are everything -- if you believe all of that, what’s your next step?

Contact us at 500 Rockets. Ask to hear more about Living Libraries. Start the process of not only saving real dollars, but getting real traffic that grows exponentially.

We are the world’s best SEO strategy.

Let us prove it to you, today.
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