Why is Naming so Hard?

The challenge of creating great names for business is real. And essential.
A great name infuses all your communication, forever.
A mediocre name pushes away potential customers, and wastes marketing dollars -- forever. 

Creating something that both hooks people and conveys what you do 
in just a few words can seem impossible.

Luckily, our staff includes a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, and an Emmy-nominated comedy writer. 
(Actually, they're the same guy.)

And we have a proprietary naming process that's fast, easy, and (we really mean this) actually enjoyable.

Contact us  to learn how a great name can change your business forever.
(was Austin Search Marketing) Now -- 500 Rockets Marketing
(was Metzohanian) Now -- Solution Machine
(was Konen & Associates) Now -- Unified Pain Management
(original naming job)--  ZipSettle
(original naming job) -- McNeil Caves Office Park
An innovative marketing agency specializing in marketing tactics designed to produce positive results.
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5541 McNeil Dr
Building A
Austin, TX 78729
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