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• The emergence of social media has opened up portals between business and audience that require a massive amount of content, and it has to be amazing in order to satisfy the new world consumer.
• Businesses do not have the budgets, labor force, and creative processes to keep up with high quality social. So they’re opting to ignore it, or put interns on it.  
• Unfortunately, this means that your business is being DQ’d during the consumer vetting process.


We know what business needs in order to thrive in a social media world. We create high quality content in high quantities -- 50+ posts a month -- and deliver it all to your digital doorstep.  We make sure you are speaking to new world audiences. 

Quantity? What's the Problem?


To produce a reasonable social strategy across the top social channels a business needs to produce 275-300 pieces of unique content.


* 1 full year of social media posts, 12 distinct ad campaigns,

12 product storylines, 600+ pieces of collateral per year
50+ pieces of developed social per month
• 20 primary posts, 5 feedbreaks, 5 promotional days, 20 wildcards
• 600+ pieces per year
• 12 different ad campaigns per year (a new one every month)
• 12 different storylines per year (a new one per campaign per month, we supply 3 to choose from)
• every piece follows that month’s storyline
--also contains characters, sub-stories, dialogue, etc
• collection of 50+ visuals for that month
• copy associated with 50+ pieces (naming, slogans, tags, phrases, product descriptions, captions, etc)

Quality? What's the Problem?


It's not good enough anymore to shoot off sales messages at consumers. They expect authenticity, entertainment, and real value if they're going to connect with you. 


• On Brand
Every piece we deliver follows the company’s main brand guide.
On Strategy
We meet with each client to lock in their exact business goals, including product they want to sell, targets they’re after, and outcomes they want from those targets;
• On Campaign
We ideate powerful campaigns that play out the strategies set forth by the client; each month has a clear, distinct, well thought-out campaign designed to achieve a specific goal
• On Story
Our story department develops creative, compelling, memorable storylines that vibrantly play out every monthly campaign; these storylines are obvious, engaging, charming, entertaining, and most of all, they affect the audience in positive ways.

Outcomes? What's the Problem?


Delaying a content strategy can put a company prohibitively behind in the content race.  Quantity matters. Quality matters.  These messages can live for a very long time and value extracted by consumers many years after creation.  Each time a consumer experiences the value of your content the ROI gets higher.


Messages in the World
At the end of this year, you will have over 600 great messages in the world, that are evergreen.
• Relationships created
We believe very strongly that a company creates valuable relationships via its outgoing messaging; that the only way to have stable, ongoing sales is to create a massive fanbase of audience that knows your company, knows your products, and likes your messaging.
• Contact Information Gathered/Accessible
• Positive engagement
Quantified Results
Qualitative Results
• Sales/Full conversions

Deliverables? What you get.


Companies really don't need expensive marketing agencies to post content.  The tools are simple enough for the intern.  What marketing agencies can't handle is the intern making the content.  It took us 6 months to build that website of yours pal, and you're going to have 600 messages go out crafted by the intern?  No.  We reject the premise and so should you.


Hard Deliverables
• Strategy Planning Document
• Zip file
• Engagement suggestions/planning
• Monthly measurement reports

Possible? How do we do this?


A business is typically set up to do one or two things really well.  Same over here.  We worked really hard to even be able to enable ourselves to do this.


We specialize in setting up highly efficient workflow infrastructures that allow us to capture the value of all forms of talent that are necessary to do speed-builds of high quality message production; this means we leverage on-site teams, high automation, new proprietary softwares, off-site gig economy labor, and whatever else helps keep our High Quantity, High Quality promise.  Turns out, it's a lot of work that gets it done.

Free? No, but learn about our cost.


The best would be free. But, when it's free it looks like everyone else.  We aim to give you the distinct look and feel that you deserve.


We've mid-priced this.
We don’t believe anyone can deliver anything even close to this quality, with this quantity, this reliability, this turn-key-ness, at this price.

Tired? You won't have to do stuff anymore.


It's all a bit much right now, don't you think?  Do less, get more. 


• Strategy Load
We make strategy choices fast, easy, and effective; there are no endless meetings, with widespread disagreement or conflict; we make quality choice, fast, and off we go
• Build Grind
Perhaps the main challenge in content production is the sheer toll it takes to grind through all the decisions, talent-demand,
software learning, and hour after hour labor; we’ve removed
a massive amount of that labor through our workflows, and
we’ve totally removed it from you and your staff
• Quality/talent Challenge
It’s very difficult for a company to hire the range of talent that is truly needed to constantly pump out great messaging; we’ve solved that through our workflow, which accesses both full-time and freelance labor across the entire world
• Decision Gridlock
We believe very strongly that clients should have very low decision load in our process; this means we only use “point-and-go” decision structures; we do the background work to set strategy options in place, present them to the client as pre-worked menu options, and the client chooses quickly and painlessly; which means we are quickly made actionable, and the client doesn’t get bogged down by decision mess.

Your Social, Made Amazing.

We lay out a full month of your social feed, completely supplied with primary posts, feedbreaks, and promotional hashtag tie-in days. You'll also get 20 extra posts which you can use however you want -- distribute them in other channels, increase your posting for the month, or warehouse them for the future. With this much of the work done for you, it's easy for your team to post, monitor, and engage at an incredibly high level.

Check out these Sample Posts

Every post we make meets a 25-point quality checklist. That means the images are interesting, they're imprinted with brand, on point with that month's ad campaign, and so much more.  When we're done cooking, your social tastes great.  

Check out a Sample Zip File Delivered Every Month

Before the month begins, you'll get your "care package" of 50 great social pieces ready to be distributed. We've taken out the grind of creating social content, while ramping up the quality of your posts. This is truly the way to do social right. 

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