How do you build a truely Great persona?

Level 1

Create Pitch Scripts

Level 2

Build Professional Collateral

Level 3

Concierge-Level Services 

Level 1
Pitch Scripts

It's incredibly common for even experienced professionals with amazing backgrounds to still fumble through their own self-introductions. After you've gone through our discovery interview, and learned our proprietary 3-Hook Pitch System, you'll know exactly what to say, how to say it, and why to say it. You'll be so well-prepared, and the system will work so well, that you'll finally ENJOY pitching yourself.

Level 2
Collateral Builds

Once your self-pitch has gone through our development process, we can help bring your persona to life by directing you through a wide array of collateral builds. Maybe you need great new headshots, or a professionally written bio, or a new LinkedIn page, or even a video or podcast interview that shows the world who you are. We guide collateral builds so you get assets that vibrantly communicate who you are to all your premium audiences.

Level 3
Concierge Services

Sometimes it makes absolute sense to spend real time and money to create, distribute, monitor, and curate a fully realized digital persona in the world. If your sales increase when your persona gets noticed, you need to get it noticed. If you are worried about being sideswiped with negative hits to your persona, you will want to get ahead of negativity by placing a strong, positive version of yourself into the world. And if you have already been stained by negativity, you will want to counteract it with as much curated presence as you can gather.

For clients who need more concierge level work, we offer a range of possible services, including PR, deep strategy work, reputation repair work, high production value work, executive producing of celebrity personas, and more.
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